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What is a transportation master plan?

A Transportation Master Plan (TMP) provides a City-wide plan for transportation infrastructure improvements, including roadways, transit service, bike and pedestrian lanes and pathways, and other vital infrastructure. Orem is updating its current TMP to meet future transportation demands due to population growth. After identifying future needs, the TMP update will propose projects to ensure the transportation network meets these needs.  


Who is conducting the planning process?

The City of Orem is working with a team of consultants to conduct the planning process. Additionally, the study team is collaborating closely with stakeholders, including the Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG), the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and local residents to create the Transportation Master Plan. Although consultants provide input and recommendations, it is ultimately the City that makes decisions and controls the direction of the planning process. 


How long does it take to implement the plan?

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) update is scheduled for completion in summer 2015. Once the planning process is complete, the City will begin implementing the plan. Each project will be prioritized based on the amount of people it positively affects within the community. The highest priority projects will affect the most amount of people. Improvement projects identified in the TMP will be constructed as funding becomes available. 


Where does the money come from for future projects?

As part of the Transportation Master Plan, a Transportation Improvement Fund (TIF) will be created to outline the plan to fund each of the proposed projects. The TIF will show a cost estimate for each project, including environmental, right-of-way, engineering, and construction costs. The total costs for each scenario will help the City decide the most appropriate level of construction throughout the City to get the best value for money and impact. Funding sources may include local, state, and federal funds.


Is this where I comment on the State Street Corridor Master Plan?

In order to comment on the State Street Corridor Master Plan, please visit


How is this study different from the State Street Corridor Master Plan?

The State Street Corridor Master Plan will create a framework and vision to guide future development and redevelopment on State Street. It will consider land use, transportation, transit, urban design, landscaping, and other important aspects of only the State Street corridor. The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will provide a City-wide plan for transportation infrastructure improvements, including roadways, transit service, bike lanes, and other vital infrastructure. The TMP evaluates the current and future needs of the City’s transportation network, and creates a plan to ensure the future needs are met. Although these two plans are different, the study teams are collaborating to ensure both plans are consistent and fit together.


Does my opinion matter?

Yes, your opinion matters! The study team welcomes comments on where routes and safety can be improved or new projects implemented. Public comments provide a unique and important perspective of the City’s needs. During the planning process, input and ideas from local residents are often implemented. 


What other opportunities will I have to comment?

Along with the comment area maps on this website, citizens are encouraged to contact our team through the project hotline or project e-mail. As we assess suggestions made throughout the community, there may be the need to hold neighborhood meetings or focus groups. 



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